Attendance in class is vital to a student’s success. Vacations should be scheduled during breaks. No absences will be preapproved. Students are expected to be prompt to each class. Students will be allowed two tardies to each class during the semester without any punishment. Each teacher will refer a student to administrators on the third unexcused tardy to class and upon each subsequent unexcused tardy. Tardies will start over at the beginning of a NEW SEMESTER. School administrators will accept a maximum of four parent excuses per semester for tardies to school.


Refer to Coffee County Parent/Student Information Guide


Dispositions: Grades 7 through 12


¨  First Referral - Choice of corporal punishment or one hour after-school detention


¨  Second Referral – Two hours after-school detention (one hour for two days) or for students who are late to school and drive – one week driving privileges suspended or ISS


¨  Third Referral – Saturday School or three hours after-school detention. Students who are late to school and drive – one month driving privileges suspended or ISS

¨  Fourth Referral – Four hours after-school detention. Students who are late to school and drive – one semester driving privileges suspended.


On the fifth unexcused tardy to school in a semester, administration will file paperwork in Early Warning Court for excessive tardies to school.





In accordance with Alabama Law, a parent or guardian must explain the cause of each absence. Every student, upon returning to school following an absence, must bring a written excuse that is signed by the parent or guardian. For check-ins and check-outs, parents must provide written notes for the absences to be excused. The Coffee County School System will accept a maximum of five parent notes per semester. Paperwork will be filed in Early Warning court on students with five or more unexcused absences. All doctors’ excuses will be accepted and shall be submitted by the parent to the school within three days of the student returning to school. 

¨  Excuses for absences must be turned into your homeroom teacher within 3 days of your return to school. Any unexcused absence will result in a referral to Early Warning Court.

¨  Check-Ins and Check-Outs are handled in the office.