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Accelerated Reader

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        Evidence shows that children who read for enjoyment everyday are more successful academically.  Unfortunately, reading for pleasure is becoming a thing of the past as students become more immersed in after school activities and technology. The immersion in structured activities leaves little time for imaginative play. Research shows a direct link between play and the development of cognitive skills that are prerequisites for learning more complex concepts. For example, play is linked to growth in memory, oral language, and recognizing symbols. Play has also been linked to higher levels of school adjustment, increased social development, and increased literacy skills. Kinston School is addressing these specific needs by encouraging students to read independently and by providing opportunities for play and creativity.

      The Accelerated Reader program at Kinston School motivates students to read and rewards their efforts with time to play, explore and create.  The Accelerated Reader Program monitors students' progress and provides feedback on reading progress.  After reading a book, a student takes a short comprehension quiz on the computer to earn points. Students who meet their point goals are rewarded at the end of each grading period with a surprise activity or field trip.  A school wide goal is also set and the entire student body is rewarded with an end of the year activity if this goal is reached.  The ongoing benefits of this project are limitless.  Grades and test scores improve as students gain knowledge and confidence.

     The AR committee members for the 2016-207 school year are:  Jennifer Sanders, Jenelle Glass, Jan Hornsby, Suzanne Elmore, Tiffany Carnley, and Samantha Smith.