Laura Clark Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language Arts 2, Math 2, Reading - 2, Science/Health - 2, Social Studies 2


Highly Qualified

ARI Certified

1991 B.S. Degree in Elementary Education Troy University

1987 Graduated Kinston High School


1994-1996  Teacher Aide Elba Elementary School

2005-2006  4th grade New Brockton Elementary School

2006-2007  6th grade Samson Elementary School

2007- 2011 4th grade Kinston Elementary  School

2011- 2016 1st grade Kinston Elementary School

2016-         2nd grade Kinston Elementary School


I am a Kinstonian from way back!  I transferred here from rival Samson High School when I was in the 8th grade and have worn orange and blue ever since.  (It helps that I am also an Auburn fan!)  I married another Kinston graduate, Rodney Clark.  We have 2 sons. Both  have graduated from Kinston.   We stay busy on our farm and keeping up with the boys' activities.  

Go Bulldogs!!