Shan Sessions Staff Photo
Subjects Taught


Second Grade Alabama Math Science and Technology Institute (AMSTI) certified 

Highly Qualified in Elementary Education and Reading

Alabama Reading Academy Certified

Master of Science Elementary Education - Troy State University

Bachelor of Science Elementary Education - Troy State University


Reading Coach-Kinston Elementary-August 2011 to Present

Second Grade-Kinston Elementary-August 2004 to 2011

First Grade-Kinston Elementary-August 2002 to 2004

Second Grade-Kinston Elementary-August 2000 to 2002

Fifth Grade- Kinston Elementary-August 1995 to 2000

Fifth and Sixth Grade-Zion Chapel Elementary-August 1989 to 1995


Teaching is a wonderful life opportunity.  In no other profession can someone say that they touch as many lives as a teacher.  A teacher not only touches the lives of his/her students, but also the lives of all the people that come in contact with those students.  It is the teachers job to be the positive influence in that child's life.  I hope that in my teaching career I have and will continue to positively touch many lives.

I graduated from Kinston High School in 1985 not really knowing what I wanted to become in life.  I married Chris Sessions in 1986.  After one year of college, I decided that I wanted to teach children.  I had had many wonderful teachers in my life and decided to use them as role models. 

I earned my B.S. in Elementary Education from Troy State University.  God places many different obstacles in our lives knowing that they will make us better people.  One my obstacles was when I was hired for my first teaching position - Zion Chapel 6th grade.  I wasn't really sure why at the time a position was available for me in Zion Chapel when at the same time a position was also available at my old Alma Mater.  What little faith I placed in God at that time!!!  He presented me with the opportunity to work in a school with wonderful teachers that I learned so much from through the years at Zion Chapel. While at Zion Chapel I went back to college and earned my M.S. in Elementary Education.

In the fall of 1995, I then transferred to Kinston School to teach 5th grade.  I have also taught second and first grades.  I am currently the reading coach. What a rewarding experience teaching is !!  To see a child learn to read and to be the one that fosters the love of learning is a very WOW-ing time!!

I have two sons to help take up my time. One has graduated and the other is in high school  Traveling to ballgames and staying after school for practice takes up most of my time.  All I can say is THANK GOD for my life - HE was in control all the time.