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Accelerated Reader 2/1/2017
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Alabama Virtual Library Handout 1/8/2010
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The Alabama Virtual Library


The Alabama Virtual Library is your very own personal library right at your fingertips.  It's an online library full of educational databases.  You can search for articles on any topic in any of these databases.  Every article contains full-text and the citation information you will need for a bibliography.  It can be a very important, vital tool when doing any kind of research - papers, projects, etc.

Although the AVL is already available to you through your school library, you will now have your very own AVL card, which will allow you to use AVL at your home on your own computer.  Your card has your username and password written on it and should not be shared with anyone else.  If you do not have a card or know your username and password, please see Mrs. Sanders. When you are at school you can use the school's access to the AVL; however, at home we encourage you to use your own AVL card.  Because these databases are educational, you will find more academic articles better suited to your research purposes than an Internet search engine.

To use your AVL card:

1.     Type in the address box.

2.     Click Home Access.

3.     The login box will come up.  Type your username and password in all capital letters.

4.     If typed correctly, the main AVL page will come up.  On this page is a list of all databases to which you have access.  Read the list and decide which one you need for your particular assignment.  Double click on the name of that database.

5.     A search page for that database will come up and you can type in the subject of the articles for which you are searching.  Each database contains a help page and searching tips if you run into any problems.

Your card will automatically be renewed each year until you graduate from high school.  At that time, you can visit any public library and receive another card. 

Coffee County Board of Education Library Media Centers Policies and Procedures Manual 2/2/2017

Request for Challenged Material 2/2/2017
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In accordance with the American Library Association (2006) Intellectual Freedom Manual and the Freedom to Read, we respect all viewpoints on our collection. If a parent has questions or concerns regarding one of our selections, we urge them to discuss these issues with the library media specialist. If further action is warranted, the following steps will be followed. The parent should submit a completed questionnaire to the media specialist.  A Reconsideration Review Committee will be selected by the school principal to review the challenged material. The parent will then be notified of the committee's decisions.