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Junior Class

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Junior Class Information



2007/2008 Junior Class Officers

President: Sallie Coale & Nick Weeks

Vice-President: Wesley Hunko

Secretary: Alx Kelley

Treasurer: Maeghann Hawthorne

Representative at Large: Melanie Weeks

Prom Committee:        Crystal Baker

                                  A.J. Johnson

                                  Holli Kilcrease

                                 Ashton Parker

                                 Emily Parker

T-Shirt Committee:      Chris Cosby

                                 Skylar Kelley

                                 Lane Taylor

                                 Tyler Wilson

                                 Matthew Zorn


Dear Juniors,

            We need to identify some areas of major concern that we will be facing this year.

The following is a list of dates and things we will be doing during the course of the year.


Officers and committees will meet to discuss what is expected of them.

ASAP- the T-Shirt committee will meet to discuss graphics for the Homecoming T-Shirt.

All expenses must be paid before you can attend any meeting to vote on any decisions.

Homecoming Float Expenses              $3.00 cash per Junior-Required: Due Aug. 09, 2007


           (funeral flowers, ets.)                  $2.00 cash per Junior-Required: Due Aug. 09, 2007


Homecoming Float- Please see Mrs. Driver or Mrs. Phillips if you have a trailer or a place to work on the float.  We need to secure these as soon as possible.

All juniors are asked to help work on the float.  NO GIRLFRIENDS OR BOYFRIENDS OUTSIDE JUNIOR CLASS.  PARENTS are welcome to help.  All OFFICERS are required to work on the float.


Homecoming T-Shirts ----Optional $8.00 - $10.00


August 20-August 31 (Shirts will be sold around these dates.) We must have a design no later than August 20, 2007.  Workers will be needed to deliver and collect envelopes in the elementary school.  Workers will also be needed to help sort and distribute the shirts.  Remind your family and friends that we will be selling these shirts.  The more we sell the less they cost and the more money you have to spend on prom.

Students will be expected to participate in any fundraisers taken on by the Junior Class.  Possible ideas at this point are school memorabilia, fans novelty items, etc.

Every student is expected to earn a profit from the fundraiser equivalent to the price of the prom ticket.  The money earned from any and all fundraisers is used to fund the PROM.  If you do not participate in the fundraiser, you will have to pay the price of the prom ticket to attend.


Junior class members must pay $40.00 by October 31, 2007 for their prom ticket or have earned that much in the fundraiser. 


Vote on class song, motto, and flower.  Remember: All expenses and at least half of your prom ticket must be paid in order to vote!

Choose a theme for the prom.


Decision will be made about decorations for the prom.  The committee will write out orders for the decorations.


The T-Shirt Committee will meet to discuss prom T-Shirts.

The Prom Committee will check orders as they come in to the school.

January 7, 2008

Junior class member must pay the remaining amount on prom ticket if you have not earned it in fundraisers.


We will begin working on small decoration items needed for the prom.  We will work after school one or two days a week as needed.


Tentative PROM DATE:  April 18. 2008

We will continue working on the prom decorations after school as needed until the week before the prom.  The last 10 days prior to the prom we will begin to actually work in the auditorium.  Specific times to work will be determined later. Junior Class Officers are expected to be present at all scheduled work times. All juniors are encouraged to help work, however, if you don’t plan to work stay at home.  There is a tremendous amount of work to be accomplished in a very short period of time.  Remember only juniors, NO BOYFRIENDS OR GIRLFRIENDS OUTSIDE THE JUNIOR CLASS!  PARENTS  are welcome to help anytime.  When you are working you are expected to be inside the auditorium NOT in the parking lot.  A sign in/out sheet will be in the auditorium.

Each Junior who plans to attend the prom must either pay $75.00 or raise $75.00 IN PROFIT from the fundraising.  If you plan to pay the cost up front you must pay $40.00 by October 31st.  The remaining amount will be due by January 7,  2008.

Prom T-Shirts- Optional - $10.00 - $15.00

The Junior Class Officers must stay until all preparations are finalized on the day of prom.  Officers must also stay until prom is over.