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Kinston School Educational Foundation, Inc.


Kinston School Educational Foundation was established in 1992 to assist the school, to further educational opportunities for students and to cover areas not normally funded through state or local channels. The founding board members were: E.C. Nevin, James A. Helms, Fred Wood, Onita B. Archie, Frances Spears, Jack Burkett, Susan S. Sumblin, Jimmie Bedsole, Sam Cooper, Hugh M. Weeks, Jerry Barnes (Principal), and Shirley S. Northrop (Assistant Principal).


The purpose of the Foundation is to foster educational excellence and assist with the programs and activities within Kinston School.



The Foundation is structured to maximize participation and membership. To this end, the Board of Directors has established two membership levels:

Annual Individual Membership:

$25.00 and above

Patron Membership:

$1,000.00 and above (Lifetime)

Annual Individual Membership runs from October 1 thru September 30. This will allow the Foundation to replenish its account each year to continue its support of Kinston School.

Donations and new members are welcomed and appreciated at any time. Kinston School Educational Foundation is a tax exempt organization.

Membership and Donation Forms can be found by clicking on Forms above. Click on Open Form in Browser next to the appropriate form name. You will then be able to print, fill out and send the form to the Foundation.


Current Board of Directors

Susan S. Sumblin, Hugh M. Weeks, Sonna H. Davis, Margaret B. Hataway, Gayle C. Robbins,  Jenelle Smith, Ronnie Sansom, Jr., Sandra Weeks, Tami Crosby, Stacie Patterson,  Alyssa Wilson, Heatherly Smith, Danny Branch (Principal), and Megan Driggers (Assistant Principal)


For questions or further information, you may contact the Foundation at